BSP Feeders

Volumetric and gravimetric feeders “Bulk Solid Pumps” type, or simply BSP, were created for a gentle and precise dosing of pellets, flakes, powder and crumbly texture.

BSP feeders allows you to precisely dose fragile and crumbly products such as light and freeflowing pellet, granules, flakes and powders.

For the above-mentioned products the BSP feeder is a unique and patented solution, allowing a steady (linear), regulated flow feeding.

A BSP feeder is economical, both in purchase and operation.

BSP works differently than standard screw, belt and vibratory feeders that are commonly used.

BSP feeder uses vertical rotating discs that cause the product to hang-up for a moment and then pushes it gently from the hopper toward the outlet, while maintaining a steady product flow.

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Bulk Solid Pump feeder

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