Powder Handling

Safe, dustless

Dec Group provides innovative solutions for industrial powder handling – safe, dustless, created in a way to minimize the risk of explosion, as well as protecting the operator and the product.

From simple powder transfer to packaging equipment, Dec Group offers effective and reliable technical solutions, that enables Client to handle their product without influencing its characteristics.

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Containment Solutions

Because safety of Your product and employees is the most important

Check Dec Group’s solutions for process containment – our equipment and complete systems will let you achieve optimal production effectiveness and efficiency, while maintaining safety of the product and employees.

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Blending / Mixing

Fast, safe, with no moving elements

Contemporary production processes require flexibility when it comes to blending and mixing powder products of different characteristics – quite often in contained environment.

Dec Group created a revolutionary technology of mixing powders – not only it is contained, but also it doesn’t utilise any moving elements in order to acquire fully homogeneous end-product.

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Small quantities of product, high precision

Dec Group offers a solution for a high-precision dosing of small quantities of powder products. This technology may be introduced for packaging and filling lines for different industries.

From filling vials, syringes, blisters or inhalers up to charging reactors and production lines in a continuous process, Dec Group has developed a wide spectrum of solutions adapted to handling toxic and/or sterile products, which gives it the opportunity to offer integrated solutions along with fully safe containment of production process.

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Sterile / Aseptic Process

Preventing contamination of process

Last years have shown a constant growth of sterile production of high active ingredients in pharmaceutical industry. For example – intravenously and intramuscularly applied antibiotics, ingredients for drips or plasma fractionation require sterile production process.

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Particle Size Reduction


Particle size reduction is a key process in laboratories, small-scale and an industry-scale production.


Flexible solutions from Dec Group – multi-format equipment is designed to cope with different challenges. Available in both open and contained versions – Dec Group’s mills provides micronization even for the most difficult products, with their efficiency proved in many different applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

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Engineering & Support

Gain 'the edge' with our experience

Dec Group is an ideal partner for integrating innovative and efficient solutions for new installations as well as for existing production processes. Our holistic approach to system execution ensures proper care for all the aspects and elements at every stage of implementation.

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Technical support

and spare parts

Even the best equipment requires spare parts and regular maintenance. With Dec Poland Tekpro support, the Client can easily stock up with spare parts from Dec, Tekemas, Coperion, Coperion K-Tron, amixon® and Pfaudler, as well as request a visit from an experienced service engineers.

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amixon® products

Mixers, Drying-mixers

amixon® constantly seeks new and unique solutions for their Clients. The term of “industry standard” is not really a benchmark for amixon®, where each ordered  piece of equipment is a unique challenge.

Solutions used by amixon® may be non-standard, but without exception they’re aimed for achieving the best efficiency.

Each step of design and production is strictly controlled in order to ensure the highest quality of product.

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Coperion and Coperion K-Tron products

Complex solutions for industry

Coperion is the market leader in terms of extrusion, feeding, weighing and powder products transport. Specialized branches of Coperion help our Clients receive the needed support at creating even the most complex projects. The global presence of Coperion along with it’s huge team of engineers, chemists, technicians and specialists for different industries, enables fast and competent analysis of Client’s problems and preparation of custom-tailored solution.

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Pfaudler Group products

Pfaudler is a global Group offering a wide array of corrosive-resistant technologies, systems and services for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Edlon, Interseal, Mavag, Normag and Pfaudler are the brand productlines of the Group. They are specialized and perfectly integrated with one another in order fulfill the most complex Client’s requests. Pfaudler’s standpoint is to offer complete ‘turn-key’ solutions for every critical aspect of the chemical or pharmaceutical production process.

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SYMAS – 02-03.10.2019, Cracow

We'd like to invite you to visit our booth B25 at  SYMAS® MAINTENANCE trade fairs that will take place on 02-03.10.2019 in Cracow!
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Mission and goal of Dec Poland Tekpro
To supply the highest quality innovative and safe solutions for powder handling

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