Rotary Valves

Coperion’s rotary valves stand for quality, experience, know-how and constant development over decades of component production. All this to deliver you the best rotary valves for your installation.

Coperion rotary valves are thought to be one of the best components for food, chemical, mineral and plastics industries.

Coperion rotary valves can be equipped with a variety of certified and patented solutions helping achieve higher hygienic standards, better product safety, more throughput or making the use and maintenance much easier. Coperion sets the market standards when it comes to pressure resistance and general durability.

Plastics industry

Components for gentle, reliable and cost-optimal handling of powders, pellets or granules.

Chemical insdustry

Rotary valves optimized for wide scope of chemical industry high requirements.

Food industry

Innovative technologies for highest level of product protection and process hygiene.

Mineral industry

Proven concepts of securing the components against wear and increasing their longevity in the applications where difficult and highly abrasive products are used.


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