Belt Feeders

Gravimetric belt feeder, known also as Smart Weigh Belt (SWB), for powder and bulk products is used in applications requiring high precision dosing, especially in places with limited height for feeder installation.

Gravimetric belt feeder can be used for dosing, weighing and portioning. The most common application is weighing product continuously on-line.

The key feature of SWB is its unique and universal software that allows this equipment to be used in order weigh several different products. It is common that the SWB is installed after charging hopper or after an initial dosing equipment, like a volumetric screw feeder. For measurements – to calculate and sum different products introduced into the production process, the SWB’s software controls the speed very carefuly to keep the flow at the same steady speed over time.

The advantage of Belt Weigh Feeder over the classic Loss-in-Weight principle-based equipment:

  • relatively lower price for a high number of different product application
  • no equipment needed for product refilling
  • compact size

Belt feeders allows gentle transport of product during the feeding process, which is a very important feature in comparison to screw feeders. Due to that fact belt feeders are ideal for:

  • flakes (corn flakes, wheat flakes, bran)
  • fruit and vegetables (also sliced and frozen)
  • hard and abrasive products
  • products that have low melting point


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